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Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by my site in “cyber-land”! As you have probably already figured out, my name is Michael Hirst and I am a singer-songwriter living in the beautiful city of Punta Gorda, FL. We are just about 100 miles South of Tampa on the Southwest coast. We have amazing weather, almost endless sunshine! Beautiful Charlotte Harbor, and the Gulf of Mexico are nearby! As if that wasn’t enough, there is always something going on in or around town; The annual ESPN Red Fish Tournament, Tarpon Tournament, Bike Week, a national art festival not to mention local and regional car shows, restaurant festivals, The Jazz and Wine Festival…really…it seems as though there is something every week! Plan a visit…you will fall in love with our area!

I can hear my son, musician, singer/songwriter/ and my web designer saying, “this isn’t a tourism page, this is supposed to be about you, dad”!! My son, Mike Hirst, is a very gifted singer/songwriter and musican. Be sure to check out his website as well!

So about me. I have been playing the guitar since I was 14, when my grandparents bought my first guitar at Sears. I took lessons and have been playing ever since. For those of you who are not familiar with my style, I guess I would say it is a blend of influences; James Taylor, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson Browne. I wouldn’t say that I sound like any of them, but my style has been influenced by them and that acoustic genre.

Under the tab marked music I have a partial list of songs that I currently play. Hopefully you will see many there that you like! In fact, the comment that I seem to get over and over again is that people “really enjoy the song selection”!

I have taken great care in selecting the songs I play. As a Christian, and a former worship leader in church, I wouldn’t want to sing anything that I would have to apologize to the Lord or to you for….so in a nutshell I don’t do the trashy songs…there is plenty to sing about…so many great songs, without going in that direction. Also, many of my venues are family oriented, fine dining establishments. You won’t find yourself covering the kids ears or having to explain “what the man meant when he said”…

I realize that there are some people who want those type of songs and so I hope I am doing them a favor here on the front end. Again, when you see my song list you will quickly realize just how many great songs there are!

On the “Contact” page you will find my phone numbers and e-mail. I am available for all kinds of parties ( birthday, graduation, Christmas, Lanai parties ) wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, smaller receptions, conferences, retreats, fund raisers, street festivals, fairs, just about anywhere good music is needed and appreciated!

I am also available for Christian concerts and church services. I have a full catalog of contemporary praise and worship, traditional hymns and original music!

Thanks for visiting!

I look forward to hearing from you!!